Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Employees Productivity


Watch out before you consider an increment of your employee just because he stays late. You got to measure productivity by what he/she does in those extra hours and how much value he is adding to the company. Also, for the same you must look into your company’s agendas for personal development of the employees. You must take to implementing strategies that will motivate and inspire your employees to work on their productivity. Here are tips to increase employee efficiency at the workplace;

  1. Don’t Hesitate to Delegate

Give more responsibilities to skilled employees. Not only that you must show complete trust on them it is only then they can perform better. This will do two things, one; let them gain experience and leadership qualities and two; benefit your company.

  1. Match Tasks to Expertise

Often employees complain about doing tasks that are not skilled for or have been hired for. You must see that they get jobs based on their skills or expertise.

  1. Communicate

While it may not be possible to communicate with hundred employees, individually, you can always reach them through the managers or once in three months arrange for conference, where they can reach you directly.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Atmosphere

Excessively stressed employees are emotionally, physically and mentally unhealthy and this leads to less productivity. As a responsible owner you must foster a healthy and a communicative company culture. You can achieve this by listening to your employees, giving employees meaningful work, offering constructive feedback and establishing clear parameters to them.

  1. Let Your Employees be Social

Blocking social media is not a way to increase productivity. Understand, the more you try to control their personal lives the more rigid they will become. Social media networks are used for so many reasons these days; social media marketing being one of them.

Also, encourage short breaks in between and promote communication amongst the employees too. This way you can strike a balance between a professional and homely atmosphere at work.

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