Row, Row, Row the Boat, Gently Down the Stream

Take the oars in hand and lead the boat gently! The term ‘leader’ is though subjective, does the same job more or less; they inspire and improve lives every day. Here’s to all those leaders who have changed someone’s life, someday. So, come, let’s celebrate and motivate the leaders in us and add values to each other lives. So, what are the sure-shot ways to lead a team in a business atmosphere? Let’s have a look;

So, what are the sure-shot ways to lead a team in a business atmosphere? Let’s have a look;

Finding an Answer of the Why

If you are to implement some strategy or bring any change to the present business model, you must be able to explain the reason behind that. Understandable that you are the team lead and you can make or break the rule, but you have your team to look after as well. Not just you are answerable to yourself, the authority, but also to team.

Seeing What is Written on the Wall

Having the ability to see and realize what is written and then trying something different. Aside, you must be able to trigger the same nerves in your team mates to help them understand.

Be Like a Conductor

Let other people’s voice to reach out loud and clear as yours. Welcome them on board and help them to reach their destination as well.

 Eat Last

Share rewards and profits with your team mates. Back them with all your knowledge and let them scoop the best out of it. A great leader thinks about his team mates first.

Trial and Error

Sometimes the best systems are created through trial and error. Break stereotypes, try new things, do mistakes and learn. Encourage your people to take the risk.

Sense of Purpose

Listen, understand and lead! Prior to leading you have a clear picture of the purpose. It is only then you can build the same among so many people of different skills.

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