Leadership, Certainly a Blend of Science and Art

Some leaders are naturally pre-equipped, but intelligent training enhances their capability virtually. Of course, theories and models certainly have a use, provided they are used to underpin actual ‘practice’ in leadership. Effective leadership capability arises from a little of both ‘nature and nurture’. In a recent work laid by Sabre on high-level leadership academics has confirmed that while there are valid theories as well as models for leadership, it is often the art that defines leadership the most.

Though many businesses do not get it 100% right, it is reassuring to find that those who do happen to reap benefits. There is no doubt about the fact that nature equips a few people better than so many others related to leadership traits. Hence, it is obvious to come across people who are loaded with IQ, EQ and some sort of charisma to meld it together in such a way that gets the people where they should be.

Even though horning of the skills may at first glance seem to be the nature’s gift can actually be attributed to proper nurturing. To cite an example, development of a complex neurological system that in fact, drive our behavior impacts our responses to the external stimulus over the lifetime. However, arguably appropriate approaches to ‘nurture’ can be used to increase the bar virtually anyone who wants or wishes to be a leader by improving their strengths, weakness, and areas of strength.

Also, discipline is then required to work on the insights of self-awareness to cultivate better leadership capability for both professional and personal circumstances. Well, it must not be forgotten that being gifted with a certain functional skill or special doesn’t assure that you are capable of leading a group. Regular ‘practice’ of leadership comes into the scene as one of the valuable tools for improving the quotient of leadership talent, which is gifted or even acquired from nature’s very own recipe of nature and nurture. Recent research and models from fields of neuroscience confirm leadership theories while debunks the rest.

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