How to Identify Leaders who are not Here to Stay for More

signs of bad leader

First and foremost, it is important to realize that just because someone is holding the position of leadership doesn’t really mean they should. The problem that the majority of the companies or organizations are suffering from is the inability of recognizing good leaders. And for this, the entire team suffers. Let’s see how you know that he isn’t the one for your organization;

  • He can’t see it: Leaders with failing vision fails to inspire the team and/or motivate performance plus creating a sustainable value is difficult too. A leader’s job is to align the company around a clear and an achievable vision. And this is not possible if a blind leads blinds.
  • He fails to lead himself: Someone who lacks integrity and honesty can never stand the test of time. It just doesn’t matter how affable or savvies a person, he is, if he is unethical, he will eventually fall prey to his own undoing. Note that optics over ethics cannot be a method for success.
  • Show Up: Nobody is perfect and that’s for sure. But a leader who keeps failing constantly should not take it lightly. Individuals who have experienced success in leadership roles have better chances than the ones who do not have. It should be noted that unproven leaders usually come with high-risk premium. One should be considerate enough to reward performance.
  • Know-it-all is a No, No: Honestly, good leaders know how much they don’t know. Of course, they have to be the smartest person but have to be equally willing to learn from others. A leader who is not growing himself cannot lead a growing company. If the leader isn’t curious about each and every aspect of the organization, there’s a huge problem in the near future.
  • Communication is the key: When a leader becomes unreachable it becomes difficult to deliver works at the right time. Someone who has poor communication skills is short-lived in the position. Only a great leader can communicate across all the mediums.

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