Don’t Procrastinate: Be There, Do It!


If you are picturing yourself as a much-bedecked lamb headed almost to the corporate manslaughter, pause to think before you give into the situation. Ask, do you really want to be led forcibly to this? Or you want to set up your own Brave New World? If you chose the second option, make sure you work on personal development at first. How?

Take Responsibility

Be responsible for who you are. Your successes, your failures are only yours. You mustn’t depend on anyone for anything. Like if you think you are not someone who can be a radio slave and you must therefore carve out your own way, then plan well and do it. Yes, you might fail; once, twice, but when you return, it will be one hell of an entry.

 Take Baby Steps

To achieve something great, you must take baby steps as that way you can break your goal into many small components. Simultaneously, keep your end result in mind as it is only then you can focus on the little steps.

Observe Others to Learn

Of course you will learn from your own mistakes, but learning from others’ mistakes is always better. Remember, ‘Prevention is better than Cure’? Find a mentor for yourself and attend workshops to listen what others are telling.

Accept Change

Change is inevitable and I am sure you already know this. If people and their ideas wouldn’t have changed over years, we would still have been living in caves. So, your personal development plan must include how you will change when the world turns or what actions will are going to take in that case.

Recognize Your Worth

Nothing or no one can make you feel inferior, if you know your worth. You must focus on things that you have or possess already. Think how others are benefitted from you. Improving those will increase your efficiency and hence you achieve what you have been yearning to.

Climb the Mountains

“These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.” – Why climb? Move them too.  Set a goal for yourself, no matter how small it is and do everything possible to reach the destination.

Challenge Yourself

Keep the fire in you ignited. Take the roads that you thought you were never meant to travel. Trust me the journey will be a fulfilling one.

No matter what you do for self improvement, never stop. Keep learning, changing and renewing all your life.